Privacy Policy

In order to let know the user of the various data collection policies of this website, it has put forward this privacy policy along with other terms and conditions and the users will henceforth make note of these and acknowledge to the same before taking up any service or advise from the website or its representatives.

Personal details

The personal details of the user which may include and not restricted to his/her first, last and middle names, contact numbers, age, mailing address and email address which will be necessary to provide services and to ensure that the user is of an appropriate age to enroll for our services.

Payment information

To avail the various assistances available on our website and to make sure that your subscriptions to several device-related services go through smoothly, will require the user to provide them with their credit or debit card details upfront or after the successful completion of the above-mentioned services.

Device information

It is mandatory for the user to reveal all conditions, good or bad, prevalent on their device so that our tech experts will be able to provide the apt solutions for installation, setup or troubleshooting. Failing which, you cannot request any refunds for the service inadequacies which may arise due to this miscommunication or hiding of essential data.

Location information and Cookies

Certain channels and Roku services are location dependent in which case, the website’s members will need a detailed location report for delivering their support services for which, the website may also make use of cookies.