After arrival of the internet, entertainment medium got a huge shift and transformed when in comparison to traditional TV viewing. The actual entertainment commenced with radio, which later on developed into dimensions with the incorporation of various new technologies. Even after diving into the world of smart phones and the internet, the number of radio listeners is still a great number. With a balance between entertainment, music, and local daily affairs, radio is still ruling solely in many parts of the world. iHeartRadio is one of the acclaimed worldwide radio platforms, holding over 800+ local stations all over the US. Refer this blog to know all about steps for your Roku device

Channel availability and options under iHeartRadio

Rather than sticking up to a single locality, iHeartRadio is available across multiple countries such as Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, US, Canada. As it is an audio channel, it is available mostly on all platforms like gaming consoles, smartphones, smart TVs, wearables, home audio, automobiles etc.

Supported devices

As the streaming device users are in a whopping number, iHeartRadio channel is mostly available on all the streaming networks. You can get from the channel providers such as DirecTV, sling TV, Hulu, etc. Some of the famous streaming platforms for the iHeartRadio channel are Roku, Amazon fire TV, Chromecast etc.

Functionality of iHeartRadio

This radio channel is purely an internet radio, where you just need to access the radio channel on your browser. In the channel homepage you can find various live radio channels, podcasts, artist radio and audio classification based on the genres also. Simply by clicking any of the listed out radio channel, you can play the audio.

The biggest advantage of this feature is anybody can listen to any radio channel irrespective of their location and time and at the same time, with the strong internet signal strength only, the audio can play without any interruption. In addition to all the platforms, iHeartRadio is available via mobile app also for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Just download and install the iheart app from the app store and enjoy international radio channels with simple clicks on your mobile

The interface is effectively designed with a core of offering enhanced user experience. Based on the user selection on songs, podcasts and artists etc. iHeartRadio will offer the new suggestions. The user can create own playlist and save their favorite radio stations to play with a single click. steps on Roku platform

On Roku, you can easily get the iHeartRadio channel by accessing the channel store. Follow the upcoming steps to install the channel app on your device.

  • Connect your streaming player to the strong internet connection
  • Ensure you have the individual Roku account to get the channels
  • Otherwise, navigate to the Roku official site and create a new Roku account
  • To begin with, sign in to your Roku account and link your streaming player
  • Using your Roku remote, move down in the options of home menu
  • And select the channel store to look out for any channel app on Roku
  • Channel categories are also there in the menu, where you can directly select the channel based on the genres
  • As iHeartRadio is a music (radio) channel, find it directly under the music category
  • Or else, go to the channel store search, enter the iHeartRadio channel name and select from the results
  • After selecting, you will land on the iHeartRadio channel home menu
  • To include the channel app to your Roku streaming device, tap the ‘add channel’ button
  • Wait until the download and installation and enter the channel activation code by accessing the site in your mobile or computer
  • Enter the iHeartRadio account credentials at first and later enter the channel activation code to activate on Roku

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