Indian Channels on Roku

Roku is now a very popular one for their ravishing entertainment line up through multiple channels. You can get all sorts of entertainment such as TV shows, series, news, sports, cookeries and the list goes on. Users are always in anticipation for a better selection of contents at the finest quality. That’s why Roku owns the zenith over multiple streaming devices.

User’s preference and choice of entertainment vary with the localities. And probably, Indian Roku users have more focus towards the Indian channels than the others. Not only on India, all over the world, but the followers are also there for subscribing these Indian channels. On Roku, by subscribing to specific internet TV service, you can easily avail the Indian channels on Roku.

Follow the below TV services to subscribe the Indian channels on Roku

Indian Channels on Roku

Internet TV services that offer Indian channels

Sling TV

  • You may all aware of this sling TV, which is a well know TV provider
  • Various monthly and yearly subscription plans are there, and users can choose wisely based on their preference
  • Absolutely, this channel remains as the best one for all the cord cutters, who want to shift from cable to streaming services
  • With an easy interface and ever updating features and programs, you will easily get all the different surprising entertainment choices
  • And yes, Indian channels are available in a separate package, so subscribe your desired one and enjoys streaming
  • Skip the blue and orange packages to avail the Indian channels

Yupp TV

  • Yupp TV is similar one like the sling TV which is offering multiple channels as internet TV services
  • You don’t need to have a long-term contract
  • With simple monthly and yearly subscription plans, Indian channels are available under multiple Indian languages
  • Simply, choose your language and select the subscription plan to stream the Indian channels
  • Yupp TV provides a special feature called ‘catch up’, which lets the users catch up on their desired shows up to 10 days from the first day of telecast

My Indian TV

  • My Indian TV service is exclusively made for streaming the Indian channels
  • With a great specialization in Indian language programming, features Indian languages such as Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Telegu, and Malayalam
  • Over 20 packages are available with varying channel combinations

Dish TV

  • Dish TV also could be a very best choice to stream the Indian channels
  • In the meantime, just by accessing the south Indian package, you can find shows under Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu languages
  • This could a perfect spot for those who want a specific program under specific Indian language
  • Additionally, the DVR feature is also there to record the shows


  • The entire star networks channels can be found under the Hotstar network
  • You can surf through live sports, movies, various Indian shows
  • However, you can’t find specific packages on Hotstar
  • By subscribing to the premium membership, you can unlock all their contents and able to stream the shows
  • Select your Indian language, channel and stream all the available contents

Activation steps

  • Access the Roku channel store and search for any of the above said internet TV service provider
  • Select the channel, click ‘add channel’ and enter the activation code in the respective site
  • Your channel will activate in a jiffy after successfully entering the code

Besides, to know more about subscription charges, available packages, and steps to get Indian channels on Roku, visit or call us by the toll-free number +1-877-992-8450.

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