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The peerless Roku device allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and a range of entertainment with an internet connection. Just set the device up along with its hardware against the HDMI connection of the TV. It is one of the best methods to eradicate the old traditional cable channels. Connect the streaming stick/box to your TV via go.roku.com/wireless and complete the Roku wireless setup process. Once connected to the internet, you can stream across various entertainment providers like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.

Features of the Roku

  1. The player, by itself, comes in two types, the streaming stick and the Roku set-top-box
  2. Some of the latest go.roku.com/wireless models are the Premium and Premium Plus, the Express and Express Plus and the Roku Ultra
  3. These are high-end devices capable of displaying content starting at 1080p up to 4K UHD and HDR as well
  4. Streaming performance is quick, navigation is snappy and the interface is futuristic, minimalistic and a pleasure to go across
  5. Setting up the device can be effortlessly accomplished with the help of the installation wizard that provides instructions at every step
  6. Finally, the device includes an enhanced, point-anywhere, voice remote that accepts voice commands, enables private listening and does not require line-of-sight to execute commands issued by the remote

Setup Process

  • Open the box in which the Roku arrived and remove its contents
  • Refer to the Quick Start Guide and a flyer to connect the device to other components
  • For some Roku devices, an HDMI cable extension might be required – this is either enclosed with the device or you may have to obtain one externally
  • Pair the remote and start setting up the device
  • Invariably, the Roku player’s internal setup wizard issues some instructions with which the device can be easily setup
  • Before you proceed further, toggle to the correct HDMI port number to initiate the go.roku.com/wireless configuration process

Roku Wireless Setup

roku wireless setup

Roku Wireless

It is extremely important to connect the Roku to the wireless internet

Roku box

Check if the Roku box has an Ethernet port – this is the best way to obtain strong wireless signals

Setup Process

The setup process can be accomplished effortlessly with an Ethernet cable directly connected to the modem and the Roku player

Roku Player

Alternatively, connect the player directly through the wireless

Connection Type

During the guided setup process, choose either ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wired’ to indicate the type of connection. Thereafter choose, the name of the network and enter the passkey


  • The account creation process on the Roku is very important – essentially users must provide a valid email ID to receive appropriate notifications and messages pertaining to their account and subscription
  • Set a PIN to control channel and other purchases through the account
  • Users who do not wish to furnish their credit card details need not have to do so immediately
  • Skip the payment process to perform this later

roku account

Network name

  • Choose the name of the wireless network while connecting the go.roku.com/wireless players
  • All the available networks are first scanned and a list is presented according to the strength of the signals

Note: The Network Name is also the SSID or the default name of the network as set up by the ISP.

  • To find the network name to connect to, check the computer or mobile internet connection
  • The Roku device should also be attaching itself to the same network
  • At the ‘Choose your network’ screen, the name of the relevant network does appear
  • But if it doesn’t, users can always choose the ‘Scan again to see all networks’ option for the list of networks

Tip: The support sites of the internet service provider will invariably have a list of network names pertaining to the current connectivity. Users can reach out to the respective ISP’s site, if they have forgotten the network name.


  1. All passwords are sensitive because they lead to a user’s personal information
  2. Even in the case of the Roku player’s set up to the internet, a passkey is required for the operation
  3. In case users forget their password, it should be available at the bottom of the router
  4. If this is still not findable then reach out to the ISP’s support site for the information

Network Settings

    1. To modify, update or change the settings of the network reach out to the go.roku.com/wireless Settings menu
    2. Update the network settings especially if there seem to have been some changes since the first guided setup
    3. To do this go to Home -> Scroll to Settings -> Network -> Set up connection -> Wireless or Wired -> Choose a network from the list

Improve wireless connection

      1. Get a good internet connection from the router to the Roku for the player to function optimally
      2. There will be no playback or buffering issues if the internet is up to its recommended strength
      3. Check the go.roku.com/wireless signal’s strength at Settings -> Network -> Set up new wireless connection -> check the field against strength for values such as Fair, Good or Excellent

Playback Issues

There could be connectivity issues even when the internet connection seems ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’

If this is the case, then check for wireless interferences from microwave ovens, cordless phones or other devices that are on the wireless close to the router

Alternatively, check if the internet service provider is experiencing some issues while revamping the connection or updating it

If there are too many devices on the same network, reduce usage by taking some devices off the wireless – such as game consoles, other computer networks, mobile devices etc.

Stronger signals

  1. To ensure better and stronger go.roku.com/wireless signal strengths, users can perform the following actions:
  2. Move the router and the device closer together and ensure fewer objects between the router and the device
  3. There should be no walls in the middle of the two devices either
  4. The router’s antennas can be re-oriented for better signals
  5. Keep the Roku player higher up on a cabinet or if it is inside the cabinet, just take it out
  6. The TV should not be blocking the Roku device and wireless router as well
  7. Use a free extension cable to move the streaming stick away from the TV for stronger signal strength

Troubleshooting Non-connectivity

The problem

  • Stream all audio and video from the internet with the help of the go.roku.com/wireless device
  • A good home connection network will help users take advantage of the full features of the Roku player
  • If there is no connection to the internet, an ‘Unable to connect to wireless network’ or a ‘Not connected to the internet’ message is visualized
  • Connecting the Roku device to the internet is similar to connecting the mobile device or a computer to the network
  • Users just have to select the network name and enter the relevant and appropriate passkey to access the internet
  • Launch and set up of the player is not possible of the Roku is unable to connect to a home network
  • At other times if the connection is lost after the setup of the device then users will not be able to open the channels

Error Screens

  • When the Roku device encounters a connectivity issue, certain screens with error messages are displayed
  • Check if the screen prompt indicates ‘Unable to connect to wireless network’
  • To alleviate this error, check if the network that the device is connected to is relevant to the player
  • Choose ‘Scan again’ if the device is not connected to the appropriate network or if the applicable network name is unlisted

Not Connecting

  • Once the wireless network name is chosen and the password entered, a ‘Checking’ screen appears
  • The player attempts to connect to the selected network
  • Thereafter if it is still unable to connect then a red-colored ‘X’ cross mark appears against the ‘Wireless Connection’ field
  • Subsequently, a ‘Not connected to the internet’ screen appears with two choices ‘Set up connection’ and ‘Proceed anyway’ – The screen also displays ‘Error code: 16’

During Playback

  • If during playback, the network internet connection is list, then a ‘Loading, please wait’ progress screen is visualized
  • A ‘No connection’ message along with steps to connect appears
  • From here, choose either ‘Exit to set up connection’ or the ‘I’ll set it up later’ option

Signal Strength is low

Roku signal strength

  • When the strength of the signal is inadequate a ‘Low Signal Strength’ message appears
  • At this time, use the suggestions provided on the screen to improve the strength of the signal
  • Make smaller changes such as moving the Roku closer to the router or even taking away devices that could be hindering the player’s performance
  • Follow all instructions provided in the previous ‘Troubleshooting non-connectivity’ section to alleviate any signal strength issues
  • Click on ‘Ok’ after you have gone through the message fully

Extender cable

  • Sometimes, connecting the Roku player with an HDMI Extender can actually improve the reception of the signal to the device

Our agents at go.roku.com/wireless are knowledgeable and possess every expertise to relieve any errors pertaining to the Roku device. If you are unable to attach a wireless network to the device, or are just not able to attain the required strength of the signal to play your favorite videos, reach out to us, right now.


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